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LATEST NEWS : Visit the official, Dennis Dragon News Page to find out what Dennis is up to as of late... HERE !!  
ABOUT DENNIS: The "Dennis Dragon Experience" cannot be summed-up in a single sentence. Dennis has so many facets of his personality & gifts, that, if one would take the time to read five biographical books - (where each book would be entirely devoted to five totally different people), the reader still wouldn't have grasped the complete, dynamic, unique, multi-talented, 'Dennis Dragon' persona. Dennis was born into a musical family... cont.
CREDITS: Dennis has quite a diverse resume. Visit the above link and learn about Dennis the: a) Producer, b) Audio Engineer, c) Drummer / Percussionist, d) Video Cameraman / Director / Editor, e) ... cont.
The Studio @ Pacifica

Situated in rural Southern Oregon, The Studio @ Pacifica is a world class audio recording facility originally built in the mid 70's by rocker Steve Miller. Now operated by Grammy award winner Dennis Dragon, the studio features the best of vintage analog and high definition digital audio equipment. The heart of the spacious control room features a fully upgraded Neve 8128 32 input recording desk. Acoustically, the comfortable 25'X30' studio is second to none featuring oak paneling throughout, high ceiling and an excellent "musical timbre". . .

The Studio @ Pacifica . . .
|"...inspiring the production of real music performed by real musicians - on real instruments".


- Click HERE, to read the local, Williams Oregon newspaper article re. Dennis' new state-of-the-art recording studio plus -.

- Click HERE, to visit the website for Dragon (eldest) Brother, DOUG DRAGON. Highlighting his interesting musical history (from the late fiftiees - thrru today. )

- Click HERE, to visit the website for Dragon ( # 2 of three Brothers), DARYL (the captain..) DRAGON. Highlighting his interesting musical history with his wife, TONI TENNILLE ( from the mid-seventies - thrru today. )

- Click HERE, to visit the website for Dennis' father, famed Conductor / Music-arranger / Composer - Carmen Dragon

AUDIO Recording / In Studio & at Live Events: Click on the above link to discover the fact that Dennis has 'chief engineered' in major recording studios - smash hit records for legendary pop artists; plus he's recorded live-performances at indoor and outdoor venues for countless events and artists. One of Dennis' unique gifts is the quick-assessing of what is called 'on location recording'. Dennis has the ability to walk into a venue, quickly scope-out the venue's acoustical attributes / challenges, determine what's needed as far as microphone & audio recording requirements, and get the job done in miraculously record time.... cont.
SOUNDTRACK Production for film: Click on this link to realize that Dennis has a multitude of film soundtracks under his belt... cont.
VIDEO PRODUCTION: Certainly a true love of Dennis is his passion for video production. He started out, decades ago, developing his photographic skills, and later - applied those skills to the video medium. Again, there are but a few of the many video projects Dennis participated in - listed at the following link ... cont.
DRUMMER: Dennis, at the ripe young age of five-years-old, took up drumming like it was second nature to him. He has worked as a drummer / percussionist for major recording artists such as: THE BEACH BOYS, CAPTAIN & TENNILLE, & ... cont.
GALLERY Of Photographs: Visit the photo gallery, 'showing' daily, and featuring snapz of Dennis' friends, family, business associates and much more... cont.
CONTACT: Reach Dennis via: E'mail, Psychic Connection, etc. Choose your method of communication..... cont.

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